The latest ICBF Eurostar Evaluation Changes (In which ICBF has greatly devalued animals) is causing enormous anxiety and stress among Suckler Farmers & Pedigree Breeders. Having your herd devalued is one thing but worrying about your Farm Viability is another more stressful aspect.

How can a 5 Star Bull at 12 noon on a Tuesday be a 2 Star at 2pm ??

The Simmental Society have highlighted a number of apparent flaws in the index that need stringent independent auditing.  It is clear that the New Evaluation Model is a Broken Model, and a Broken Model that must be replaced.

The Simmental Society are asking that the Evaluation Model & Indexes that were in place prior to Nov 28th be re-instated until proper testing and auditing is carried out on future changes.

The Simmental Society ask all Commercial Farmers to contact their local TD’s & Senators to highlight the impact these changes are having both on herd value and in terms of SCEP qualification.

Would the Owners of a 5 Star Hotel accept a reduction to a 2 Star just because  someone in Hotel classification suddenly decided to reevaluate them with no justification to do so?

You may strip Simmental of stars but our quality will still shine and our strength prevail.