Tullamore Show Results

Results 2016

Overall Champ Female Champ & National Junior Cow Champ Clonagh Dora The Explorer
Overall Simmental Champion, Female Champion & National Junior Cow Champion ‘Clonagh Dora The Explorer’
Res Overall Champ Res Female Champ & Nat Junior Heifer Champ Tawley Gretta
Reserve Overall Simmental Champion, Reserve Female Champion & National Junior Heifer Champion ‘Tawley Gretta’
Male Champ & Nat Weanling Bull Champ Seaview Gladiator
Simmental Male Champion & National Weanling Bull Champion ‘Seaview Gladiator’
Res Male Champ & Feb Bull Calf Class Winner Rathnashan Hunzo
Reserve Simmental Male Champion & February Bull Calf Class Winner ‘Rathnashan Hunzo’
Feb Heifer Calf Class Winner Shiloh Heather
February Heifer Calf Class Winner ‘Shiloh Heather’
Dec Jan Heifer Class Winner Jennalyn Gina Tina
December / January Heifer Class Winner ‘Jennalyn Gina Tina’
Nat Weanling Heifer Champ Broomfield Girly Gina ET
National Simmental Weanling Heifer Champion ‘Broomfield Girly Gina ET’
Nat Yearling Heifer Champ Clonagh Groovie Girl
National Simmental Yearling Heifer Champion ‘Clonagh Groovie Girl’
Nat Intermediate Heifer Champ Brookwood Fancy Lady
National Simmental Intermediate Heifer Champion ‘Brookwood Fancy Lady’
Nat Senior Heifer Champ Fearna Faith
National Simmental Senior Heifer Champion ‘Fearna Faith’
Nat Senior Cow Champ Fearna Destiny
National Simmental Senior Cow Champion ‘Fearna Destiny’
Dec Jan Bull Calf Class Winner Clonguish Happy Boy
December / January Bull Calf Class Winner ‘Clonguish Happy Boy’
Nat Yearling Bull Champ Clonagh Goodie 2 Shoes
National Simmental Yearling Bull Champion ‘Clonagh Goodie 2 Shoes’
Nat Junior Bull Champ Doire-Goile Gunner
National Simmental Junior Bull Champion ‘Doire-Goile Gunner’
Nat Senior Bull Champ Clonagh World Class
National Simmental Senior Bull Champion ‘Clonagh World Class’
Nat Junior Progeny Pairs Champ Broomfield Ginger Jo Jo & Broomfield Girly Gina
National Simmental Junior Progeny Pairs Champions ‘Broomfield Ginger Jo Jo’ & ‘Broomfield Girly Gina’
Nat Senior Progeny Pairs Champ Clonagh Dora The Explorer & Clonagh Darling Eyes
National Simmental Senior Progeny Pairs Champions ‘Clonagh Dora The Explorer’ & ‘Clonagh Darling Eyes’


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